The Lempert Report


The Older We Get, the More Our Foods Change

The Lempert Report: Knowing life stage-specific tastes could help manufacturers and retailers better serve their customers.

Industry Partners

The Next Generation of Food Trade Associations Has Arrived

The Lempert Report: The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance is advocating for changes resisted by other industry groups.

The Lempert Report: Restaurants in some regions are already dabbling in cafeteria delivery.

The Lempert Report: The Amazon/Whole Foods effect could lead to a transformation of the conventional grocery store format.

The Lempert Report: New technology such as Amazon Alexa could steer consumers toward poorer health choices.

The Lempert Report: A new study suggests gray matter volume in the brain influences self-control.

The Lempert Report: The Little Brick Pastoral project uses a teaching method that "connects."

The Lempert Report: Farmers could soon monitor their herds through the "internet of cows."

The Lempert Report: While attackers can be easily identified, solutions via extensive camera surveillance and sirens are being created to prevent abuse.

The Lempert Report: Inc. magazine predicts that within five years, all companies will have to develop their own synthetic voices.