Stop & Shop to Pioneer Robotic Food Truck Delivery

The driverless, checkout-free Robomart vehicles will allow online shoppers to "pick their own" produce.


Inside the Delivery Derby

Consumer-centric grocers have little choice but to play in delivery, where demand is growing and the potential rewards are big. But many are hedging their bets with creative partnerships to conquer the elusive last mile.

The Lempert Report: New technology could monitor customers' reactions to brands, pricing and store layouts.

Regional retailer’s new platform will also enhance computer-generated ordering and DSD solutions chainwide.

Retailers would be wise to prioritize consumer-inspired relevance as their top resolution for 2019.

A fleet of newly launched Newton vans will begin grocery delivery test in Surprise, Ariz., next month.

The tech giant will support Kroger's in-store technologies while eyeing RaaS commercial application "by a retailer, for a retailer."

Here are three tips for success we think will be critical in the coming year:

Inmar will act as an intermediary, providing Kroger with YouTech services while looking to expand to more customers.

The “big data” marketing pioneer seeks a speedy restructuring, including a cleanup of its Nielsen partnership.