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The Hottest Specialty Flavors of 2018

WGB takes a look at some of the wildest and top-trending bites in the category.


Reinventing the Workforce

Near historic levels of unemployment, a new premium on the importance of service and a whole lot of other issues are driving retailers to reassess how they’re approaching their workforce.

Sustainable, convenient and digital-friendly is at the forefront of consumers’ desires when it comes to how their food is presented.

Behind the Headlines: The retailer is enlisting the public's support for an important cause, but might a bolder approach help further it?

In WGB's Break Room, Jay Jacobowitz discusses how Amazon is influencing Whole Foods, and what else is next in the natural/organic field.

The grocer is the nation's first to offer the remote-agent technology to assist blind and low-vision customers in navigating the store.

Competition in the category is fierce as retailers strive to drive traffic in-store and online.

Basket Economics: It's no secret that the discount influence is all over town.

New technology allows grocers to take a holistic, full-store approach to reducing energy use and waste.

Move over, peanut butter and jelly: Parents are increasingly sending their children off to school with premium and better-for-you food options.