Big Y Pharmacies Offer Services for Blind and Vision-Impaired Customers

Taking prescription medications as prescribed can be a matter of life and death.  Since many elderly patients and those with vision impairments have a difficult time reading the information on their prescription labels, the risk of error is even higher. Pharmacies across the country, including Big Y sites in Rocky Hill, Ct and Longmeadow, Ma. are coming to the rescue by offering special labels for customers in need.  Depending on the customer’s vision, the pharmacies  will  add either a Large Print ‘ScripView’ label or an electronic ‘ScripTalk’ label to their medications. ScripView is a large-print, booklet-style label attached to the prescription container. It provides easy access to the prescription label for those with low vision. The label contains all the same information as the pharmacy’s regular label, but in large print. With  ScripTalk, the label is embedded with a microchip and is programmed with all the printed label data. At home, the patient places the container onto a small hand-held reader, and with the press of a button, is able to listen to the information including patient name, drug name and instructions, pharmacy contact information, warnings and more. The talking reader is provided at no-cost to the customer. Big Y has teamed with En-Vision America, a creator of specialty labels, to offer these new services for its customers.   “These labels give patients independence.” says Anna McClure, Director of Marketing at En-Vision America.  “We are so excited to work with innovative pharmacies across the country that are providing accessible prescriptions to their patients.  There are stories all the time of terrible mix-ups and mistakes.  Our goal is to ensure it never happens again.”  “Big Y is proud to provide this new service to our vision – impaired customers,” says Nicole Schneider, Senior Manager of Pharmacy Operations. “We are constantly seeking new ways to enhance our customers’ pharmacy experience and this is just one simple way we can help our customers remain safe when taking their prescription medications.”


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