Brookshire Grocery Implements ADC's P-Cubed In-Store Fresh Production Planner

Brookshire Grocery Company, a 150 store chain based in Tyler, Texas has completed rollout of ADC’s P-Cubed In-Store Fresh Production Planning module in all of its stores. The P-Cubed In-Store Fresh Production Planning module is designed to generate demand-based production plans from store-specific sales forecasts, which results in having the optimum amount and variety of fresh foods available at the right time for customers. Brookshire Grocery Company implemented the P-Cubed In-Store Fresh Production Planner as a sales building and shrink management tool for their fresh food departments, say officials for ADC. “All 150 of our stores are now running production planning in four departments – Deli, Bakery, Chef Prepared and Produce.  On average, we run around 1,000 production plans per day per department across our 150 stores,” says Jonathan Key, Fresh Item Management Coordinator at Brookshire Grocery Company. Brookshire Grocery Company implemented the software in phases to enable rigorous training in each store.  ”The first stores to start using the software reported that the production numbers were incredibly accurate.  One store director reported that they have had their best quarter ever, with more sales and less shrink,” says Key. Brookshire Grocery Company also tracks how the stores comply with the production plan.  “With management oversight and support, we are seeing, on average, a 97% compliance rating across our stores,” Jonathan stated. “We are thrilled to hear the results that Brookshire Grocery Company is reporting,” says Steve Loveridge, ADC’s CEO.  “An important success factor to such a new technology initiative is to have store associate support.  Brookshire Grocery Company has put the right steps in place to ensure store associates are using the tools.” The P-Cubed In-Store Fresh Production Planner is a module within P-Cubed, ADC’s Production Manager system.  P-Cubed is one of three software systems that comprise InterStore, ADC's integrated fresh item management software suite. The other two systems are: InterScale Scales Manager, which hosts data to and from barcode labeling scales in the fresh food departments, and the NutriGen Recipe Manager, which derives the true cost of recipes (including packaging and labor), as well as managing all of the allergen and nutritional facts through their recipes for legally compliant labeling.


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