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Jet.com Launches Uniquely J Brand

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Up-and-coming e-commerce company Jet.com has launched its new brand, Uniquely J. The over-50 SKU line keeps Jet.com's consumer - a "busy, discerning shopper" - in mind by offering health and environment-conscious products at attractive price points.

Uniquely J's mission, articulated in its launch video, is to offer customers everyday products without tradeoffs, company officials say.

The available product categories include: coffee; cleaning; laundry; pantry; paper; and food storage.  Jet.com partnered with artists from around the world to specifically design the products' bold packaging.

Uniquely J products focus on key qualities, Jet.com officials say, including: plant-based ingredients for the cleaning products; USDA Certified organic and Fair Trade Certified beans for the coffees; and BPA-free plastics for the food storage bags. 

"We're excited to introduce Uniquely J to consumers, confident that they'll embrace the products and soon begin to consider them essential to their day-to-day shopping," says Liza Landsman, president of Jet.com.  "Uniquely J is not just Jet.com's entry into the private brands space. It also furthers our efforts to serve the metropolitan consumer with a select assortment of premium products while also offering them a great shopping experience."

Uniquely J was designed for its pricing to be as strong of a driver as its quality and design.  For example, the Jet.com customer will experience that value with Uniquely J when paying under $20 - or 37 cents per cup - for 54 cups of Uniquely J 54 Count Single Cup Coffee; and 19 cents per load with Uniquely J Liquid Laundry Detergent 2X Strength, Lavender White Tea, 100 Loads.

"Uniquely J was created to make it easier for busy consumers to get their everyday essentials without having to give up the things they care about," adds Dan Hooker, general manager, private brands, Jet.com and Walmart ecommerce. "With Uniquely J, we want to eliminate the tradeoffs consumers face; the purchase decision becomes an easy one when each product offers the trifecta of quality, style, and value."

Among the over 50 SKUs available at launch, Uniquely J products will include:

  • Uniquely J Organic Sriracha Sauce, 16 oz.
  • Uniquely J Organic Teriyaki Sauce, 14 oz.
  • Uniquely J Clean Living All Purpose Cleaner, Lemon Thyme Basil, 28 oz.
  • Uniquely J Clean Living All Purpose Cleaning Wipes, Lemon Thyme Basil, 75 ct.
  • Uniquely J Clean Living Sport Laundry Detergent 2x Strength, Bamboo Cedar, 33 loads
  • Uniquely J Ultra Strong Toilet Paper, 12 double rolls
  • Uniquely J Double Seal Sandwich Bags, 100 ct.
  • Uniquely J Organic and Fair Trade Medium Roast Ground Coffee, Peruvian, 16 oz.
  • Uniquely J Organic Medium Salsa, 16 oz.


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