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J.R. Watkins Debuts Vintage Tin Spices

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J.R. Watkins is introducing a line of vintage gold tins. The products are sourced to meet best-in- class standards and are non-GMO, gluten free and all natural. 

The Value-Size Spice Tins hold premium-grade quality herbs and spices that are packed in the U.S. The spices are also Kosher certified and packaged with easy-to- find identify color coordinated packages  The vintage tins provide optimal freshness and include a three-door closure for easy dispensing when measuring or seasoning-to- taste.

Gourmet kitchen staples offered in the new line include: Garlic Powder, 7.9-ounce; Sesame Seeds, 6.8-ounce;  Pure Ground Black Pepper, 6-ounce; Pure Ground Cinnamon, 6-ounce; Onion Powder, 5.4-ounce; Chili Powder, 5.4-ounce; Curry Powder, 5.4-ounce; Paprika, 5.2-ounce; Ground Cumin, 4.7-ounce; Crushed Red Pepper, 4.2-ounce;  Ginger Powder, 4.-ounce; Thyme Leaves, 2.2-ounce; Parsley Flakes, 1.9-ounce; Basil Leaves, 1.9-ounce; Oregano Leaves, 1.4-ounce. 

The spice tins will hit retail shelves in March, 2017. 


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