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Old Bay Introduces Potato Bites

old-bay-fry-20oz-v2Following the launch of Old Bay Seasoned Fries this spring, Mr. Dee's has added another Old Bay-inspired product to its frozen potato line: Seasoned Potato Bites. The bite-sized rounds are made with diced Idaho Russets and classic Old Bay flavor. This year marks the 75th  anniversary for OLD BAY and its iconic blend of 18 herbs and spices. “It’s an exciting year for us, and we’re thrilled that our fans have two new ways to celebrate OLD BAY,” says Jessica Schatz, OLD BAY brand manager. Mr. Dee’s president and COO, Patrick Conway, created OLD BAY Potato Bites as a natural extension to the line. “They are a crispy and flavorful snack and a great way to kick up any breakfast, lunch or dinner,” he says.


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