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Original Gourmet Patents Lollipop Manufacturing Process

Original Gourmet Food Co. recently received a U.S. Patent1 for its gravity-deposited lollipop manufacturing process. A family-owned business, Original Gourmet officials pride themselves on having an American-made product. The progress of the company helps to grow American jobs at both the New Hampshire headquarters and Ohio manufacturing facilities. The company’s mission is “to create smiles in our consumers by sparking memories through our offering of quality, innovative gourmet products.” The pride and innovation taking place at Original Gourmet happens at every level, from food scientists in the candy kitchen to the homes of employees, whose families and friends suggest new flavors and uses for bringing more lollipops to consumers, say company officials. The new flavors and  packaging formats and expanded distribution offered is all in response to consumer feedback. A great example of the company’s response to consumers is the new 10.5 gram gravity deposited gourmet lollipops, available for the first time this September in select Target "See, Spot, Save” sections. Original Gourmet flavors are available in this smaller pop size and more comfortable for some consumers than the large 31g lollipops. The sphere pops feature the candy in clear film wrappers and displayed in windowed bags. OG-Lollipops


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