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Samuel Adams Celebrates Nationwide Launch of Rebel IPA

The brewers at Samuel Adams' Boston-based nanobrewery are ready to share Samuel Adams Rebel IPA with drinkers across the country. Rebel IPA is a West Coast style IPA brewed with five American hops from the Pacific Northwest. Rebel IPA offers citrus and grapefruit aromas along with piney and resinous notes that come from these West Coast hops, each of which imparts its own characteristics to the brew:

  • SAMUEL ADAMS LOGOCascade: Citrus and grapefruit flavor with subtle floral balance
  • Simcoe: Grapefruit peel and pine notes
  • Centennial: Citrus flavor with clean resinous notes
  • Chinook: American pine character with slight spice notes
  • Amarillo: Orange, grapefruit and notes of tangerine and some sweetness

Rebel IPA was among the first beers to be developed in the Samuel Adams nanobrewery, or "nano," a small batch, 10-gallon brewery system that operates within the walls of the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery. In the nano, the brewers brew experimental, small batch beers using diverse recipes and ingredients as well as new brewing techniques, officials say. For Rebel IPA, the brewers aimed to create an IPA that was not based solely on bitterness level like many other West Coast style IPAs. Instead, Rebel IPA pays homage to the aromatics and flavors of these West Coast hop varieties, providing a punch of hop aroma and flavor without too much bitterness, officials add.

Brewers' tasting notes:

  • Rebel IPA is a medium-bodied IPA with a bright copper color and an ABV of 6.5 percent.
  • The West Coast hops used in this brew lend citrus and grapefruit aromas along with piney and resinous notes that come through in both the flavor and aroma. The yeast imparts a slight fruity flavor.
  • At 45 IBUs, Rebel IPA is not overwhelmingly bitter, officials say.

"We built the Samuel Adams nanobrewery to experiment with different brewing techniques and ingredients in small batches. The nano acts as a test kitchen within our Boston Brewery, and it was here that Rebel IPA was born, says Seth Adams, brewer at the Samuel Adams nanobrewery. "The West Coast hops we use in this brew are some of my personal favorites and I'm extremely proud to see this brew grow from these experimental roots to being available nationwide."

To learn more from the brewers, watch their tasting video. As of January, Samuel Adams Rebel IPA is available on draft nationwide. Beginning in February, it will be available in bottles, in six-packs for a suggested retail price of $7.99-$9.99, and in 12-packs for a suggested retail price of $14.99-$17.99 (prices vary by market).


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