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Henschel-Steinau Creates Theft Deterrent System for Baby Formula

showroom2cropped inLeading retail marketing solutions company Henschel-Steinau has introduced an innovative retail system: a modular on shelf display that is designed to dispense baby formula, and deter would-be thieves while attracting customers. When selecting display units for in-store marketing, retailers need to protect the store from theft without hindering customer access to products. According to an investigative report published by ABC News, baby formula is a product often targeted by sophisticated retail theft rings. The report stated that in 2010 $15 billion to $30 billion were lost by retailers as a result of organized retail theft. Baby formula is a hot commodity for thieves because of its high market value and consumer demand. “Retail theft, particularly of infant formula, is an issue that consistently plagues retailers. Our baby formula theft deterrent system addresses that pressing need through design that is both practical and customizable,” says Patty Pellegrin, director of marketing and sales. The EZ Roll shelf designed by Henschel-Steinau represents a perfect marriage of utility and aesthetics. The unit dispenses a single product at a time which eliminates the threat of so called “sweep and go” shoplifting where multiple products are quickly swept into a bag or other concealing device. The security door is also connected to a customizable alarm which sounds when forced open, deterring thieves and alerting employees of the incident. Henschel-Steinau’s baby formula retail system fits all standard retail shelving and features modular construction, as well as FIFO rotation of product. Each individual module holds up to nine canisters and works for all major brands. The unit is easily installed which increases in-store employee compliance. “Not only does this display unit address the major issue of product theft in retail settings, it also has great in store shelf appeal. Every unit has a built-in graphic holder to optimize branding and product visibility. It provides all the benefits of an eye-catching retail display with the added bonus of theft protection,” says Pellegrin.


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