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Nexgen Shelf Tags

Nexgen aims to make shelf tags simple, easy, quick and affordable. Grandville Printing Company (GPC), owner of the Nexgen trademark, created a niche in variable datanexgen on-demand retail printing designed to change the way retailers advertise at shelf level. The Nexgen program offers retailers highly organized sorted signs packaged in planogram order, ready to hang directly from a compact box, which may reduce in-store labor by 40%. "This concept was a severe departure from the status quo at that time, when our competitors were and still are, providing perfed sheets that have to be bursted, and sorted, before being used," says Tony Trevino, vice president of retail customer development. "Our team saw that business model as delivering a job only half-done... which forces the retailer's own labor force to finish a job the vendor started." Nexgen currently supplies shelf tags to dozens of retail chains, covering a 10 state area, and delivering to over 1,000 locations each week. For more information visit www.TryNexgen.com.  


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