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Fresh Solutions Network Launches Side Delights

Side Delights Gourmet Promo DisplayFresh Solutions Network announces the launch of Side Delights Gourmet Petite Potatoes. Side Delights Gourmet Petite Potatoes are available in 6 varieties – Real Red, Pure Gold, True White, Powerful Purple, Fusion Fingerling and Classic Medley – each in a 1.5-pound heat-sealed, stand-up pouch bag with grab-and-go handle and resealable zipper closure. The potatoes are pre-washed, require no peeling due to their delicate thin skin, and their small, consistent sizing insures fast, even cooking, whether sautéed, roasted, steamed, boiled or grilled. “Consumers are looking for new ways to serve their favorite side dish (potatoes!), and growth of the specialty potato segment is leading the category at more than 9% year over year,” says Kathleen Triou, President & CEO of Fresh Solutions Network. “Quantitative concept tests confirmed strong consumer purchase intent for the Side Delights brand, with nearly two-thirds of respondents saying they definitely or probably will buy Side Delights Gourmet Petite Potatoes when available in the stores they shop for groceries," she adds. "They describe them as unique, higher quality, gourmet but for every day, and a good fit for their needs and lifestyle. Plus, the Side Delights packaging is visually exciting and features contemporary, bold graphics and appetizing photography that will grab your shoppers’ attention. The stand-up pouch bag enhances shop-ability and the promise of convenience, further stimulating consumer trial.” The launch is being supported with a pre-packed promotional display, an on-pack QR code directing consumers to an engaging website featuring delicious recipes for Side Delights Gourmet Petite Potatoes, and a Facebook page. In addition, the Partners of Fresh Solutions Network will work with their customers to develop and execute customized merchandising, promotional, and ad support plans to help insure a successful launch that maximizes consumer awareness, trial, and repeat purchases. “We are excited about this latest innovation from Fresh Solutions Network and the opportunity it represents to increase consumer engagement in the category and help our customers drive superior category performance,” says Triou.


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