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Keep A Look Out for Opal Apples

2014 Minneapolis event2Have you heard about Opal apples? Brand ambassadors have been spreading the word at local events in major cities across the U.S., along with sponsoring blogger conferences. Lucky consumers have even won the opportunity to host their own Opal apple parties, with the help of FirstFruits Marketing, the exclusive distributor of Opal apples. The focus of the events is to raise awareness of Opal by getting the apple in consumers’ hands, along with spreading the word about the Opal Youth Make a Difference Initiative which is currently accepting grant applications for a second season. Anchored by brand ambassadors handing out apples and the colorful Opal apple cart, events have been hosted in Portland, Houston, Boston and Minneapolis with several more events to come. In addition to the public events, consumers and bloggers have been hand-selected to host private Opal parties. Winners are provided with kits containing Opal themed décor, serve ware, recipe cards, an apron, and of course, Opal apples. Opal also has a Pinterest board dedicated to showing fans how to host their own Opal party. Party Kit“Opal apple has been a huge success with consumers from the very beginning and these events just continue to affirm that people love these apples,” says Keith Mathews, CEO for FirstFruits Marketing. “All we have to do is get people to taste Opal and the apples sell themselves.” Grown in Washington, Opal apples are sold exclusively in North America by FirstFruits Marketing. This cross between Topaz and Golden Delicious can be identified on the shelf by its yellow color.  Sweet to start with a tart finish, Opal has a satisfying amount of crunch in each bite, officials say. It is highly resistant to oxidation making it less likely to brown. Available in limited quantities, conventional Opal will likely run through April.


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