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Lipman Helps Small Farmers Grow with Local Initiative

[caption id="attachment_26958" align="alignright" width="222"]Lipman local 5 Lipman's Marketing Associate, Jessica Kerstein, tours a local farm.[/caption] As part of its ongoing commitment to harvesting the freshest produce available, Lipman announced Lipman Local, an initiative to support small farmers across the country. As part of the program, Lipman’s farmers will travel to farms throughout the country to meet the growers, assist in their efforts and share best practices to help them improve yields and efficiencies. Lipman will also offer assistance with crop quality and will help growers achieve necessary food safety certifications and education. Lipman local 1“At Lipman, we’re dedicated to the farming community as a whole – and want to do everything we can to work with others to make it a success,” says Scott Rush, director of Lipman Local. “Having grown up on a farm, I can relate to these growers – and Lipman started out as a small farm more than six decades ago, so we understand the work it takes to prosper. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and want to help other small farmers do the same.” Lipman currently works with a number of local growers, including DL&B Farms in Clinton, N.C. and Perez Brothers in Hendersonville, N.C. To learn more about Lipman’s local support efforts – and to learn more about some of the farms involved – visit LipmanKitchen.com.  


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