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MountainKing Potatoes Invites Retailers to the “Summer Gold Rush”

Fresh Harvested GoldsMountainKing has announced the roll out of its Butter Gold “Summer Gold Rush” retail merchandising program for 2014 featuring high-graphic bins, comprehensive marketing support and prizes to retailers with the most creative “Summer Gold Rush” displays. Packed fresh daily with crops grown and harvested from the company’s fields in Texas, California and Colorado, MountainKing’s Butter Golds have become the fastest-growing variety among all bagged potatoes with shipments up 35% in the last five years, say company officials, noting Gold shipments are up 49.4% in the past five years. MountainKing’s “Summer Gold Rush” retailer merchandising program includes new, eye-catching bin art emphasizing the freshness of Butter Golds with rich, vibrant colors along with recipe tags and starter kits. Plus, retailers can send photos of their “Summer Gold Rush” displays to MountainKing for the chance to win gift card prizes. Photos should be submitted to atrettin@mtnking.com by August 31, 2014. “The Butter Golds are ideal for whipped potatoes or as baked potatoes that require fewer toppings,” says John Pope, MountainKing’s vice president of sales & marketing.  “Plus, they’re high in beta carotene, Vitamin C and calcium.” He adds MountainKing’s Butter Golds increase a retailer’s ring per pound by an average of .35 when compared to conventional types. They also increase basket ring by an average of $79 per trip compared to baskets without potatoes. Plus, grocery carts that contain Golds have 13% more total basket dollars than carts with conventional types.


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