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Non-GMO Sweet Corn Returning for Limited Time

AmaizeA variety of non-GMO sweet white corn is returning for a limited time. Introduced in 2011, Amaize Sweet Corn was developed using traditional non-GMO breeding methods by George Crookham and Bruce Hobdey after 22 years and 10,000 variations of testing. “Amaize is my life’s work,” says George Crookham, CEO of Crookham Company. “I have tasted literally over 50,000 ears of corn over 40 years and together with my breeding partner, Bruce Hobdey, pursued an insatiable quest for sweet corn perfection. Amaize is hands-down the best sweet corn ever. And now, we want to share our discovery with the rest of the world.” Consumers have responded very strongly to Amaize Sweet Corn with some describing it as the best sweet corn they have ever tasted, say company officials, adding that participating retailers have also seen category growth with this sweet corn variety. This year, Amaize Sweet Corn will be supported at retail with an extensive marketing program, which includes point of sale signage, public relations outreach, blogger outreach and packaging where sold in pack. Arriving just in time for the summer, Amaize Sweet Corn will be available for a limited time now through September and is sold exclusively in select stores and market areas.


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