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Sunkist Shares its Family Stories

Sunkist Growers unveiled Sunkist Family Stories, a multimedia storytelling project dedicated to sharing the rich heritage of Sunkist growers through video and imagery.  Sunkist Family Stories will profile multigenerational Sunkist growers from California and Arizona, offering a window into the life and experience of today’s modern farmer. Round wTagline“As a cooperative of thousands of grower members, many of whom have proudly passed the tradition of citrus growing through the generations, we believe the Sunkist story is best told by those in the orchards,” says Kevin Fiori, vice president of sales and marketing for Sunkist. “We’re proud to share the values and legacy of Sunkist’s 120-year history through the Sunkist Family Stories project.” With a dedicated consumer microsite, social media campaign and retail marketing materials, the Sunkist Family Stories campaign is designed to transport customers and their consumers to the sunny groves of California and Arizona to learn more about the traditional growing practices, stewardship of natural resources and dedication to innovation that is proudly passed through generations of Sunkist member family-owned farms. Sunkist Family Stories speak to growers’ sustainable farming practices including solar, water-saving irrigation systems and low-emission vehicles as well as investments in unique, specialty citrus varieties that chefs and cooking enthusiasts crave.

“Consumers today are keenly interested in the stories behind their food,” says Fiori. “We’re looking forward to sharing the decades of first-hand knowledge and tried-and-true expertise passed down from generation to generation that is behind every piece of Sunkist fruit.”


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