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Tillamook Completes Packaging Redesign

image009Tillamook, the 105 year old farmer-owned co-op has completed a packaging redesign project for their full line of dairy products including ice cream, cheese, yogurt, butter and sour cream. The redesign showcases the Tillamook farmer heritage, its variety of dairy products and key messaging to convey the premium quality of the brand, while unifying all categories through color and design. Consumers can expect to see the new packaging popping up on shelves at their local grocer nationwide. With the new design comes more product information, increased farmer-owned identification and improved flavor descriptions, as well as playful messaging in line with the brand’s character. While the redesigned packaging provides a better on-shelf appearance, it still remains recognizable to Tillamook fans. “We want to stay fresh and exciting for our existing customers,” says John Russell, senior director of marketing for Tillamook; “and we also want to create interest with our packaging to start relationships with new customers.” This update marks the first time the brand has changed their packaging in over four years. Tillamook hired Portland design firms, Sandstrom Partners and Flint Design Co. to tell the Tillamook story and unify all 5 dairy categories through the new packaging design, while continuing to be authentic and welcoming. “The overall design direction is classic, combining a little old school with some new and paying homage to the brand’s history” says Steve Sandstrom, executive creative director at the award-winning Sandstrom Partners. “While the look is new for Tillamook, it appears as if it could have always been this way. We have built upon existing iconography with subtle enhancements to celebrate the craft and heritage of Tillamook history.” Additional features include information explaining what ‘Tillamook’ means as well as invitations for consumers to visit Tillamook online for recipe ideas and to learn more about the brand. The new packaging also tells the story of the Morning Star ship featured in the Tillamook logo, the farmer-owned since 1909 statement, and a reminder that Tillamook is dedicated to providing the best tasting, highest-quality dairy products for every meal, every day. For more information on Tillamook products visit the brand’s new website, Tillamook.com.


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