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Tillamook Hits the Road with Trio of Mobile Sampling Tours

Tillamook_IceCreamBus_Driver_Side_Open_door_1The Tillamook Cheese, Ice Cream and Yogurt Tours are hitting the road this month to bring its dairy products to fans and consumers across the West. The Cheese Tour, formerly the ‘Loaf Love Tour,’ starts its 6th year with impressive results under its belt, say officials for the dairy-cooperative. Since its inception in 2009, the Tillamook Cheese Tour has sampled over 1.8 million pieces of cheese, given out over 1.4 million coupons and interacted with over 1.3 million Tillamook fans. Tillamook_van profile left 374_MOFollowing the Loaf Love Tour’s success and with the addition of new yogurt and ice cream products and distribution in markets throughout the West, Tillamook has introduced Yogurt and Ice Cream Tours. These Tours will allow consumers to sample the new Tillamook Farmstyle Greek Yogurt as well as a variety of ice cream flavors, including the new Tillamook Ice Cream Tillabars. Traveling in eye-catching, refurbished, vintage Volkswagen busses and trucks that reflect the Tillamook farmer heritage, the tours will be stopping in cities from Oregon to Texas. Visitors can find the tours at local grocery stores and special events. Tillamook Brand Ambassadors meet customers and hand out coupons and recipe cards while educating them on the brand’s growing line of dairy products. Additionally, the tours will be celebrating retailer partners by hosting lunches at their headquarters with free grilled cheese sandwiches, new product samples and more. The Tillamook Tours will run throughout 2014.For a complete list of stops, tour schedules and special events, visit Tillamook.com/schedule.


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