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Fresh Food

Save Mart Ends Live Lobster Sales

The retailer is eliminating the program from all its store banners following declining sales and a PETA appeal.

Fresh Food

Wonderful Halos Powers New Campaign With an Unprecedented Investment

The L.A.-based company will spend $30 million on an integrated produce marketing campaign that includes the brand’s biggest digital investment to date.

The initiative includes in-store signage, recipes and meal-planning tools, and the raised funds will be donated to local Feeding America food banks.

The retailer has launched a new blockchain-enabled initiative in collaboration with IBM to reduce the amount of time it takes to track an item from farm to shelf.

How grocers can make the most of the in-store experience during what is largely considered to be the most wonderful time of the year for food retailers.

The Lempert Report: A study from Tufts University identified pork, beef and melons as some of the main offenders.

The Lempert Report: The innovation helps save plastic by allowing shoppers to refill glass bottles in-store.

The Lempert Report: Hands-on activities such as cooking and gardening boosted fruit and vegetable consumption in kindergartners.

Development is taking over land used to grow commodity crops.

Partnership with Apeel brings specially treated fruits to Cincinnati stores.