The Happy Egg Co. Expands into Southern Cali

The happy egg co. continues to grow and expand its operations with the addition of a new Riverside County packing and distribution location in Norco, California. This will be the second packing location for the happy egg co., with the original facility in Summers, Arkansas. “This additional capacity will ensure that the happy egg co. continues to grow and meet the demand for true free range eggs at the speed, affordability and quality that consumers and retailers deserve,” says David Wagstaff, COO of Noble Foods. “The successful growth we’ve seen allows us to take this natural next step to move closer to our west-coast retailers, provide an improved service and further decrease our carbon footprint.” The Free Range eggs from the happy egg co. come from hens, or “the Girls,” who are free to roam outdoors, with daily access to at least five acres of green fields and expert care from family farmers. “The Girls” spend every day outdoors in natural sunlight, flapping, perching, foraging and dust-bathing, which is natural behavior for hens. The happy egg co. goes well beyond the industry standard requirements for Free Range, organic and cage-free, and has plans to expand and provide even more additional space per bird in the coming months. “Educating consumers on the reality of the egg industry is a top priority for the happy egg co. in order to define the meaning of true Free Range eggs and humanely raised standards,” says Wagstaff. “At the happy egg co., our free to roam hens always come first.”  


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