Harris Teeter Donates to Together in Education Schools

Harris Teeter announced it is donating $675,153.97 to schools this month through Together in Education (TIE), Harris Teeter’s fundraising program for schools in its communities. This third and final payment of the current school year brings the total earned by participating schools since August 2013 to over $1.5 million. This payout also pushes the total donated since the program’s inception in 1998 to over $21 million. Below are the top earning schools, through the third payout:
  • Grimsley Senior High Choral Program; Greensboro, N.C.; 3,187 links; $4,525.06 (third payout); $16,988.73
  • Page High School; Greensboro, N.C.; 2,190 links; $3,516.26 (third payout); $11,783.33
  • Providence High School Rugby Club; Charlotte, N.C.; 1,350 links; $2,943.26 (third payout);    $10,151.40
  • Randolph Elementary School PTA; Arlington, Va.; 1,271 links; $2,592.64 (third payout); $9,835.95
  • Lynn Road Elementary School; Raleigh, N.C.; 1,335 links; $2,568.94 (third payout); $7,528.80
  • Providence High School PTSO; Charlotte, N.C.; 1,066 links; $2,507.60 (third payout); $9,021.35
  • Hoffman-Boston Elementary School; Arlington, Va.; 727 links; $2,301.21 (third payout); $7,250.33
  • Creighton’s Corner PTA; Ashburn, Va.; 340 links;$2,085.45 (third payout); $6,478.24
  • Sgt. Eugene Ashley High NJROTC; Wilmington, N.C.; 1,526 links; $2,065.49 (third payout); $5,960.60
  • W.H. Taylor Elementary School; Norfolk, Va.; 1,165 links; $1,784.42 (third payout); $6,011.64
Active participation by both TIE schools and loyal Harris Teeter customers is integral to the success of the Together in Education program. Over 3,600 schools will receive a check from Harris Teeter during the third payout. To receive a check in the final payout period, schools must have accrued at least $25 during the Together in Education school year.


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