HBC top 50

Retailers that stay on top of HBC trends can succeed in the competitive category. The health and beauty care category is vast, and ripe with potential. Increasing healthcare costs are driving consumers to retailers in search of less expensive “first option” remedies in lieu of doctor visits. They are also visiting the HBC aisle looking for preventive options to stave off illness. Fast-changing beauty trends, ranging from innovative hair care scents to grooming tools practically assure that shoppers are constantly on alert for new products. However, for years supermarkets have underperformed. While some grocery chains have developed aggressive HBC strategies resulting in healthy HBC sales, many still lose out to the host of other retail channels that carry these items. One of the biggest problems is simply knowing which products to carry in the limited space grocers have. Grocery Headquarters’ annual State of the Industry Almanac would like to help. From Advil to Zyrtec, below are the top 50 HBC categories sold at supermarkets, drugstores, mass, military commissaries and select club and dollar retail chains for the 52 weeks ended January 26. HBC top 50  


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