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Industry Partners

Grocery Industry Gives Grim Prediction on China Tariff Repercussions

Industry partners warn the duties could have negative effects on suppliers, retailers and consumers alike.

Industry Partners

FMI's Family Meals Month Spurs Retail Initiatives

Hy-Vee is among the grocers supporting the cause to "make mealtime even easier and bring families back to the dinner table."

Industry partners, including Costco and Cargill, are teaming up for "The Story of Your Dinner" campaign, designed to educate consumers on safe food handling.

The romaine outbreak and recent recalls highlight the need to track produce’s “last mile,” officials say.

The yearlong program is designed to prep students for careers in the produce industry.

AboutSeafood.com now features video testimony from the industry’s workforce in response to the new trade tariffs.

WGB’s August Endcap guest discusses how the association is redefining itself for a new era, the implications for retailers of more mindful consumers and what he deems to be the biggest misconception about the grocery business.

Fourth-generation retailer Wettlin Treppendahl describes "immediate impacts" of new tax reform law.

The Lempert Report: The demographic accounts for a third of all shoppers.

Lost sales could reach $17 billion annually