Juicing: A New Year’s Experiment

This week my S.O. and I were visiting a professional foodie friend in New Orleans who has the fast track to all of the best places to eat. One morning for breakfast he took us to a cute spot in the Uptown Neighborhood called Satsuma Café. The restaurant was self-seating and the competition was fierce. When we saw a table open up I had to jump on it before I could decide what I was going to order. After my S.O. decided what he was having he tagged me in and I ran up to meet our host just in time to order. After I corrupted their healthy “Green Breakfast Sandwich” by putting it on a biscuit instead of whole wheat toast, I was asked by the cashier which of the house specialty juices I would like – I immediately panicked. Juice? Other than straight apple or orange? I didn’t know where to begin. Earlier in our trip I’d gone on a rant about people posting pictures and statuses about the new juicers they’d received for Christmas to Facebook. I felt that the produce purée-ers were New Year’s resolution scams and figured that half of the people who received them wouldn’t make it past the first glass. My S.O. informed me that GNC had really been pushing juicers as gifts. Nice try GNC, but even a bargain a juicer would just be a dust collector to me. Juicing makes me think of Gwyneth Paltrow (in the annoying Goop way, not in the fun Emma way) or that episode of Sex & the City when Samantha tries wheatgrass juice, which she and her date clearly find objectionable. Juicing is trendy and it’s good for you, but it doesn’t seem enjoyable. Now here I was being asked to try the very trend I’d just been mocking. Our host ordered an “ABC” – apple, beets, carrots and lemon. I like the A in that combo, but not the B or the C, so that was a no. I frantically searched the juice menu for one that included items I’d eat on their own and spotted the “Sweet Tart” which consisted of apple, lemon, cucumber, orange and fennel – done. A few moments later it arrived at our table in all of its lime green glory with a foamy head like a beer. I was skeptical at best, but I’m happy to report that – after I got past the foam – the juice was light and tasty. If you are new to juicing like me, definitely invest in some straws which allow you to get right to the good stuff. Feeling adventurous, I decided to try the ABC juice, but it was definitely too “earthy” for me – I should’ve quit while I was ahead. So my first juicing experience wasn’t a total bust, but I think I’ll go back to taking my juices straight up. I guess I’m just a purist.


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