National Turkey Federation Serves-Up Second Annual Tour

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For the second year, the National Turkey Federation (NTF) kicks off its multi-city tour to bridge the distance from farm to table for chefs, registered dietitians and food bloggers. These turkey inspiration events focus on turkey’s flavor versatility and ease of preparation for turkey dishes year-round. The first event takes place on Tuesday, March 28 in Houston, as the tour then continues May 23 in San Francisco, June 27 in Boston and July 25 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The turkey inspiration event tour is part of the National Turkey Federation’s larger outreach project geared toward foodservice professionals and grocery retailers to encourage increased usage of turkey. The turkey inspiration events share turkey farming practices and how turkey aligns with the culinary trends beyond the Thanksgiving tradition and the favorite turkey deli sandwich. Insights from Gerry Ludwig, Corporate Consulting Chef of Gordon Food Service, will reveal trending innovative turkey dishes on restaurant menus. The attending foodservice professionals, registered dietitians and grocery retail executives will also literally talk turkey with a turkey farmer about the responsible raising of his flock and stewardship of soil and water on the farm. In addition, the attendees will participate in a hands-on cooking activity which allows them to learn how to create on-trend dishes using various turkey cuts.

These immersive events are designed to create “aha moments” for attendees. “As one of the event speakers, it's great to watch people's reactions after they've learned about turkey trending on menus and farming practices and then getting into the kitchen to cook up some turkey dishes," said Gerry Ludwig, Corporate Consulting Chef with Gordon Food Service. "You can see light bulbs going off, and they're very excited to try cooking new turkey recipes in their own kitchens."


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