Top news and trends in play for household and personal products


Brick-and-Mortar on the Rebound

Stores can benefit by expanding health and wellness lines.


Here Are the Top General Merchandise Impulse Buy Categories

Brick-and-mortar retailers can stay competitive with e-tailers by encouraging last-minute buys, GMDC study indicates.

The move was made "in an effort to better compete in the aggressive markets," the retailer said.

Retailers are primping the category with natural products and in-store experts to beautify shopper experiences.

Transparency and natural ingredients are becoming increasingly meaningful in the category.

High-margin, nonperishable, low-weight cards increase the value of the total purchase without adding fulfillment complexity.

A competitive mix sets savvy supermarkets apart.

Eating- and living-well trends imply robust sales of kitchen tools, gadgets, serveware and more this year.

As specialty greeting card outlets fade, supermarkets have a bigger chance to play in the high-profit category

Line will make official debut in fall of 2018