Organic & Natural Health Scraps "Natural" Label at First Annual Conference

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Members of the Organic & Natural Health Association (Organic & Natural Health) have concluded that the term "natural" should not be used in the form of a certification or seal, and therefore should not be listed on product labels. The members convened at the first national conference held by Organic & Natural Health Jan. 26-27 at the Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village in Florida. Thirty-five leaders in the natural products industry and members of Organic & Natural attended.

On the issue of defining "natural," the Organic & Natural board concluded that "natural" should only be used as a term to describe specific attributes of products in marketing and promotional materials. 

"Our research clearly shows that the majority of consumers do not differentiate between 'natural' and 'organic' and expect products labeled natural to also be organic. So, after careful consideration we determined that introducing a new 'natural' certification seal would not be in the best interest of consumers and could contribute to further confusion," said Karen Howard, Organic & Natural Health's CEO and executive director. "At this juncture, encouraging people to go organic is more important, so we will focus on to the existing organic certification seal and do whatever we can to strengthen that program."

As a first step, Organic & Natural Health will support the work on Organic 3.0 that IFOAM Organics International is leading to make organic the leading innovation towards sustainability in agriculture and healthy products for consumers. Howard said the organization is also looking at creative ways to make information more accessible to the public about how to identify organic and natural products through personal technology devices.

"Consumers expect organic standards from any product that claims to be 'natural,' so we have to make organic better," said Howard. "'Natural' is not a label claim and we will stand by that position as we continue to educate consumers about the importance of organic food choices and why it matters for their health."

Organic & Natural Health also launched its first yearlong, consumer outreach campaign that will focus on the health benefits of vitamin D and encourage consumers to get their vitamin D levels tested as part of an international population-based nutrient study with research partner GrassrootsHealth. 

"The Power of D" campaign will leverage the expertise of Organic & Natural Health's newly formed Scientific Advisory Board to bring to light research backing the importance of vitamin D for a variety of health conditions to consumers. The advisory board is led by Dr. Joseph Mercola and founding members include: Dr. Dana Cohen, David Foreman, R.Ph., Dr. Dennis Goodman, Dr. Christine Horner, James LaValle, R.Ph., CCN, Dr. Michael Murray, N.D., and Dr. Ken Redcross. 

Howard said the intention is to have a new nutrient focus each year that will engage consumers to participate in more population-based nutrient research spearheaded by GrassrootsHealth in order to scientifically prove how specific nutrients have a direct impact on disease prevention.

At the close of the conference, former U.S. senator and attorney general of Arkansas, Mark Pryor, partner at Venable LLP, shared insight on approaching attorney general offices in light of the current adverse climate for the supplement industry. He stressed the importance of being proactive and organized with the industry's outreach efforts. Pryor advised clearly outlining to attorney general offices all of the ways the industry is currently regulated and to invite their staff to see first hand, good practices of manufacturing facilities. He said cooperation with the offices and getting to know the attorney general staff members is beneficial.

Formed a year ago, Organic & Natural is dedicated to creating and promoting transparent business practices that safeguard access to organic and natural food, products and services. The nonprofit trade association has been actively working on initiatives to improve the integrity of the natural products industry while creating a groundswell of support from leading industry companies.


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