Paleo is the New Natural

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When I first heard about the Paleo Diet a few years ago, I pictured dieters barbarically chewing on chicken legs like a bunch of cavemen and grazing on greens and berries. Since then, the paleo movement has turned into something much larger, and now products that can be found throughout the grocery store proudly sell themselves as paleo-friendly.

I spoke to Craig Spalding, director of marketing for 1908 Brands, which owns the Thrive Tribe line of paleo snacks, and he explained that consumers are no longer looking for the word “natural” but are instead seeing products that are labeled “paleo” as clean products they can trust. Spalding predicts the paleo movement will continue to grow, and may even take over the entire grocery store one day.

When I walk the aisles of my local grocery stores I notice that many of them have cleared off a considerable amount of shelf space for paleo items. It is great that retailers have noticed consumers’ demand for paleo items, but I often feel like they can do more to make sure their customers notice. Simple shelf tags that call attention to paleo items would be an effective and easy way to help the growing number of consumers looking for paleo items navigate the store. Retailers could even help amp up the paleo excitement by creating displays of interesting new paleo-friendly items. 


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