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The Lempert Report: The innovation helps save plastic by allowing shoppers to refill glass bottles in-store.

The Lempert Report: The EU is proposing new bans, restrictions and labels on ocean-polluting items.

The Lempert Report: Hands-on activities such as cooking and gardening boosted fruit and vegetable consumption in kindergartners.

The Lempert Report: Products that are not highly processed and contain corn or soy will likely have the disclaimer.

A study found the cuisine was saltier than recommended even after chefs were given training.

The Lempert Report: The snacks are made with rescued veggies and spent grain.

Development is taking over land used to grow commodity crops.

The Lempert Report: The kit must be recommended by a specially trained pharmacist.

The Lempert Report: Telemedicine could stand in for time-stretched retail dietitians.

The Lempert Report: The FDA has extended the comment period for nutrition innovation strategy.

The Lempert Report: IMBED was able to detect infection and inflammation in pigs' stomachs.

Cooking demos, store tours and specially tailored retail dietitian programs can shape loyalty early on.