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Rebekah Marcarelli

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Rebekah Marcarelli comes to the grocery world after spending several years immersed in digital media. A graduate of Purchase College, Rebekah held internships in the magazine, digital news and local television news fields. In her spare time, Rebekah spends way too much time at the grocery store deciding what to make for dinner.

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Peak grilling season finds grocers getting creative in their meat and seafood departments.

The retailer was recognized as one of the top places to work in IT by Computerworld as it moves toward a "seamless digital experience."

Top tips to help grocers equip a foodservice kitchen that best enables them to compete in the fast-casual lane.

A lack of ability to grow business and overstoring of the region were among the reasons the retailer gave for the sudden announcement.

A GMDC study finds consumers are turning to local retailers for healthy lifestyle advice as trust in healthcare systems decline.

A new campaign will further raise consumer awareness of the FMI/GMA transparency initiative.

The new Good to Go line debuts in Spartan-owned stores, showing the fresh results of its Caito acquisition.

Kelly Landrieu will work closely with foragers to bring the best brands from each store's community to market

Geoff Freeman of the American Gaming Association will replace Pamela G. Bailey following her retirement.

Alcohol-infused foods, waste-free meals and sparkling coconut water are among the highlights.

President and CEO Anthony Hucker said SEG now has the "optimal store footprint" to thrive in a competitive retail market.

Innovation and the development of Caito is expected to build a brighter future for the company.

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