Retail Industry "Rock Star" Signed for Retail Conference

The first of several dynamic General Session speakers has been confirmed for the upcoming 2013 Retail Marketing and Merchandising Conference, sponsored by NARMS, to be held in April at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort. Lily Lev-Glick, principle of the cutting-edge Shopper Sense, is recognized as one of the most effective strategists in the field of shopper behavior, purchase motivations and how retail environments impact decision-making. She has presented at many industry events, including the Shopper Insights Conference, The In-Store Marketing Summit, Shopper Marketing Expo, Category Management Conference, POPAI Masters Program and Global Shop. In addition, she is a featured author in the soon-to-be-released book, "The Power of Point-Of-Purchase Advertising: Marketing at Retail" and has served as an industry expert for a variety of trade and business media. Lev-Glick will lead the General Session topic on Monday, April 29, called “Busting the Barriers: Understanding Today’ Shoppers for Success with Tomorrow’s Retail Marketing and Merchandising Programs.” With the convergence of social media, economic uncertainty and a growing generation of shoppers empowered by mobile devices, the profile of today’s shopper is changing at breakneck speed. Through case studies, extensive research, and real-world examples, attendees of this session will gain insight into the complexity of the contemporary shopper. They will walk away with an understanding of the shopper decision-making process and how to optimize the store with these trends in mind. In the afternoon, Lev-Glick will present a breakout session, entitled “Creating Solutions to the Challenges of Today’s Complex Retail Landscape” to enable attendees to brainstorm and formulate concrete solutions to common problems at retail by using information and insights gained during the general session. Through vigorous involvement and a dynamic exchange of ideas, participants will drill down into various priority issues.


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