The Future's So Bright

No shades required for what’s about to take flight next month.
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Following its June 2017 acquisition by Winsight Media, this month marks the final issue of Grocery Headquarters, which is being reinvented and readied for a relaunch of a new brand come November. GHQ had a great run, but in many ways, merely scratched the surface of its coverage of an industry that’s never been more competitive or complex.

At a point in time where there’s simply no room for mediocrity, it was abundantly clear that a business-as-usual, “minor remodel” mindset just wouldn’t cut it. The industry has been set ablaze by the Amazon/Whole Foods deal, alongside a rapid explosion of e-commerce initiatives by other major retailers, while the battle on the ground wages on. Yet while the mature grocery industry is facing pressure from both existing and emerging competitors, it’s stable, strong and vibrant, and filled with some of the single finest people on planet Earth, who most decidedly deserve a new vehicle to bring its invigorating essence to life in print, digital and targeted event formats.

And here we are, turning the page on a new grocery trade media brand that is positioned to become the premier source of intelligence for the intriguing, inspiring, indispensable grocery business. 

In much the same way as the food industry itself, you might have also heard that the B-to-B publishing industry is also confronting radical transformation. But rather than skirt the equally complicated realities of a fluctuating media landscape and ongoing upheaval in the retail food sector, Winsight’s visionary leadership team is boldly embracing the changes by investing in its longstanding goal of becoming the leading global information platform for foodservice and retail industries with its foray into grocery.

Indeed, it’s a channel begging for arrival of a new brand, whose launch next month will take flight amid one of the single most pivotal times in the history of food retailing. But in the grand scheme of things, it is but one more epic period in a continuous cycle of change and upheaval that has defined the largest U.S. retail channel for the duration.

I’ve written about it plenty, but have never had the chance to truly “walk the walk” as a fellow architect of a plan predicated on a simple but powerful inspiration: With massive disruption comes equally massive opportunity.

And away we go! Beginning next month, we will reinvent GHQ with a complete redesign of the print magazine, website and related digital offerings, in conjunction with a significant refresh of a more robust, user-friendly content strategy. Winsight’s commitment to relevant, useful information in award-winning print and digital products will be readily apparent in the reinvention, where the same visually impactful design aesthetic will be applied.


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