Hy-Vee Testing Produce Traceability Program

Hy-Vee is working with Zest Labs, a subsidiary of Ecoark Holdings, Inc., to conduct a trial of the company’s Zest Fresh solution to help automate the traceability of fresh produce coming to Hy-Vee stores. The program has proven to reduce waste from spoilage by more than 50% for grocers, Zest Labs said.

The program leverages the "internet of things" to autonomously track and report in real time the freshness of products from harvest to the retail store. Zest Fresh said it boasts the first dynamic freshness metric – the ZIPR Code -- providing real-time data about a product’s condition and freshness capacity.

“We are excited to work with Zest Labs to determine how Zest Fresh can help both monitor and improve freshness, while providing complete traceability through the cold supply chain,” John Griesenbrock, Hy-Vee’s VP produce/Health Markets said in a statement. “With traceability support, we will become even more invested in bringing the freshest and highest-quality produce to our customers.”



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