Storm-ageddon Grocery Shopping

When the forecast calls for a snowstorm I am hardwired to do two things: gas up my car and go to the grocery store to stock up on the necessities; you know, the bread and the milk. It's almost a year to the day New Jersey Comedian Vic Dibitetto uploaded his "Bread & Milk" YouTube parody playfully mocking that very instinct. The video went viral and continues to reverberate around the internet because so many of us are afraid we’ll only have water to wash down our bread-less sandwiches. The clever comedian has capitalized on the panic that sets in when people hear that inclement weather is threatening to keep them inside for any length of time. The bread makes sense to me, even if I have nothing to put on it at least it will fill me up, but the milk that I always buy often goes to waste. I don't have an infant at home, I don't take it in my tea, but I still feel the need to grab a gallon from the refrigerator case. Normally when I get to the grocery store at the onset of a storm (like last night) the place has been picked clean; if I'm lucky there's some cinnamon-raisin bread left, but that doesn't make a very good grilled cheese. Thankfully, when I arrived at the grocery store last night after an extended ride home, they were still well-stocked - and I didn't just get bread and milk. I walked the aisles grabbing popcorn and pretzels, chips and dip, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures, unsweetened iced tea, juice and Kraft singles (what else would you expect me to do with that bread?). Snowstorms don't make me panic - they give me an excuse to binge on some neglected staples. If I’m gonna be shoveling or stuck in side, I’m going to eat well; let's call it "Storm-ageddon Shopping." What are the items that make their way into your cart when winter storms hit?


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