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POS, IoT, AI… oh my!

Ane developing story that has been on many people’s mind is the future of POS and how IoT-connected technology may soon make checkout lines a thing of the past.


Bringg Rings Up New Financing

The delivery logistics company said the $25 million investment would support “hyper-growth.”

The Lempert Report: New technology could monitor customers' reactions to brands, pricing and store layouts.

New technologies on the shelf edge, aisles and cloud promise grocery reinvention

The rollout of the spill-seeking "Marty" bots represents one of the largest retail robotic rollouts in the U.S., officials say.

Retailers would be wise to prioritize consumer-inspired relevance as their top resolution for 2019.

The deals will extend product content management capabilities enhancing omnichannel retail, the company said.

2019 is shaping up to be the year of the grocery retail robot.

A fleet of newly launched Newton vans will begin grocery delivery test in Surprise, Ariz., next month.

The tech giant will support Kroger's in-store technologies while eyeing RaaS commercial application "by a retailer, for a retailer."