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Amazon Patents Emotion-Detecting Alexa Tech

The Lempert Report: The system could allow targeted product suggestions or ads.


How to Keep Going in a Startup World

Basket Economics: You don’t need to be a tech expert to survive the information age, former Ahold executive James McCann’s new book explains, but understanding the world they inhabit will be crucial.

E-commerce veteran Scott DeGraeve joins WGB's Breakroom to discuss industry giants, paths to profitability and a new business venture built on the framework of Door to Door Organics

Check Out Now is launching in two Michigan stores with expansion plans in the works.

The Lempert Report: Participants found blue cheese to be most pungent in a simulated cow barn.

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, e-commerce category leadership has become necessary to stay competitive and grow.

David Steck discusses Schnuck Markets Inc.'s roving robot, Tally, which autonomously scans shelves for inventory and price accuracy at 15 stores.

The increasing importance of e-commerce and last-mile delivery finds mature retailers at a crossroads.

Behind the Headlines: The e-commerce service's lower prices and real-time interactive app have won me over, but it might not be as cost-efficient for certain individuals.

The retailer says the technology will allow associates to spend more time serving customers.