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Gelson’s, Nugget Markets Tap ReposiTrak to Ensure Prop 65 Compliance

The retailers are deploying the company’s Compliance & Risk Management Solution ahead of California’s new warning label requirements that take effect Aug. 30.


3D-Printed Food Could Help Humans Get to Mars

The Lempert Report: The concept could also have implications for meals on Earth.

The outspoken former Amazon executive stops in WGB's Break Room and sounds off on Kroger, Amazon and Walmart.

The Lempert Report: The new addition to the team also collects data in an effort to improve the customer experience.

The retailer is partnering with a robotics firm to deploy Alphabot to assemble online orders in a bolt-on wareroom.

The Lempert Report: The automated cooking process is said to improve consistency, taste and freshness.

About 31% of shoppers make their choice of retailer based on the availability of friendly and knowledgeable staff: All the technology in the world won't replace that.

The Lempert Report: Bear Robotics has created a model that delivers orders to restaurant tables.

The Lempert Report: Program allows the user to act as a time-pressured chef who must follow health protocol.

Fleet management presents unique challengers to grocers, but software coupled with onboard hardware can help.