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Instacart Raises $600M in Funding

The company will use the funds acquired in partnership with D1 Capital Partners for further expansion and tech upgrades.


The IoT of Food Might Do More Harm Than Good

The Lempert Report: New technology such as Amazon Alexa could steer consumers toward poorer health choices.

Duetsche Bank research details "inflection point" in adoption and forecasts widespread margin pressures.

The Lempert Report: Farmers could soon monitor their herds through the "internet of cows."

The Lempert Report: While attackers can be easily identified, solutions via extensive camera surveillance and sirens are being created to prevent abuse.

The Lempert Report: Inc. magazine predicts that within five years, all companies will have to develop their own synthetic voices.

Takeoff Technologies' artificial intelligence-operated fulfillment centers will soon pop up across the U.S.

The pilot seems to eliminate grocery stores from the mix.

Beginning in October, the tech industry veteran will be responsible for helping produce and floral industry members harness technology to grow their businesses.

As more consumers are focusing on convenience, retailers are gravitating toward A.I. applications that make shopping easier, quicker and more engaging.