This Weekend Takes the Cake

photoRed velvet cake is one of my most favorite desserts, so when my fiancé and I got engaged this weekend my family put a rush order on one for us to enjoy as part of our post-engagement dinner with them. I was expecting a standard square cake with well-wishes written in icing on top, so imagine my surprise and excitement to see that it was so much more than that; the cake was in the form of a heart-shaped box with white ribbon, complete with an over-sized engagement ring topper! While I’ve seen some beautiful and elaborately designed cakes on reality shows like Cake BossAce of Cakes and even on Reading Rainbow as a kid, I never thought I would be the recipient of one. As we sliced through the thick robin’s egg-blue fondant I couldn’t wait to taste it. Normally I’m not a fan of fondant – personally, I always thought it tasted like plastic – but this fondant was sugary-goodness! With just the right amount of cream cheese icing layered between the moist red velvet cake, the inside was even more delicious. When it comes to special occasion cakes I have often heard of guests asking if they can have a piece with a flower on it; since this cake was without any blooms, my adorable four-year-old niece asked if she could have the ring. I told her the same thing I'd said to my fiancé just twenty fours hours prior: Absolutely.


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