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Global Fight to Ban Plastic Continues

The Lempert Report: The EU is proposing new bans, restrictions and labels on ocean-polluting items.


Which Products Will Carry the GMO Label?

The Lempert Report: Products that are not highly processed and contain corn or soy will likely have the disclaimer.

A study found the cuisine was saltier than recommended even after chefs were given training.

The Lempert Report: The kit must be recommended by a specially trained pharmacist.

In WGB's Break Room, Jay Jacobowitz discusses how Amazon is influencing Whole Foods, and what else is next in the natural/organic field.

The Lempert Report: Telemedicine could stand in for time-stretched retail dietitians.

The Lempert Report: The FDA has extended the comment period for nutrition innovation strategy.

The Lempert Report: IMBED was able to detect infection and inflammation in pigs' stomachs.

The bipartisan network of city leaders is striving to live up to the Paris agreement despite the U.S.' pullout.

The retailer will roll out a digital program to 30 New Jersey high schools.