Blends by Orly For All Natural Gluten-Free Baking & Cooking

blends_by_orlyWhen a person who is gluten-free discovers a mouth-watering recipe and it calls for wheat flour in it, with great disappointment and resignation, they have had to accept that they will never be able to make that recipe to taste as written.  Now, Blends by Orly, a line of five gluten-free flour blends, allows the cook or baker to make that exact recipe just by replacing the wheat flour with one of the Blends by Orly. Why five blends?  Orly explains that unlike wheat flour, when baking gluten-free, there is no “one size fits all” solution.  The baker needs a different flour blend to bake a pie crust than the one used for a cake, cookie or pizza crust.  Each blend has been created to mimic the taste and texture of non- gluten-free baked goods.  Orly has created the following blends,named after five of the cities Orly Gottesman (Orly the Baker), the company’s founder and owner, has lived in.  Each blend is inspired by the culinary delights of that city and described by company officials as follows:
  • London Blend: perfect for cookies, scones, shortbread and more
  • Tuscany Blend: perfect for artisan white breads, pizza crust and more
  • Sydney Blend: perfect for brownies, muffins, pies and more
  • Paris Blend: perfect for cakes, cupcakes and more
  • Manhattan Blend:  perfect for brioche, bagels, pastry and more.
Blends by Orly is a locally sourced product, manufactured in upstate New York, packaged in 20-ounce re-sealable zipper-top, flat bottom bags for easy use and storage, say officials.  Each bag has a recipe on the back, uses the highest quality ingredients, is certified gluten-free  and kosher certified, dairy-free corn-free and nut-free officials add.


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