Kroger Stocks Up on I and Love and You Natural Pet Food

dogs cans treatsThe all-natural total pet care company, “I and love and you”, knows that consumers who count on natural, healthy food for themselves and their families also want the same kind of high quality nutrition for their pets, officials for the Boulder-based company say.  Now health-conscious pet parents can get just that when Kroger becomes the first to bring the “I and love and you” line to over 2,000 of its stores across the nation this June. Kroger’s new ultra-premium pet food set will include the “I and love and you” Nude Food dry kibble, ultimate wet canned food, plus all natural chews, 17 products in all that are each 100% grain free and rich in protein.  All food products are made in the U.S. and chews are from free-range, grass-fed Brazilian cattle. Pet parents can now find ultra-premium pet products, the kind typically found only in pet specialty stores, in the same store they buy food for their families. "I and love and you" is the fastest-growing pet brand in natural grocery, providing everything a well-rounded pet needs to be healthy and happy, officials say.  Kroger will be the first retailer to have the brands newly refreshed packaging, with design enhancements that allow consumers to easily find the best product for their pet’s needs. Additionally, the new ultra-premium pet set will feature Cow-Boom! Strips from “I and love and you”, a brand new all natural beef chew for dogs available only in Kroger. “Kroger is a great fit for us, and we are excited and honored to be featured as one of the few ultra-premium brands in their new natural pet food set,” says Steve Ball, CEO and co-founder of “I and love and you”. “This partnership with Kroger allows us to expand our presence and reach consumers in dynamic new ways, while making it easy for pet parents to deliver whole pet health and shop for their entire family in one place.” ImageIncreasingly, consumers are seeking out all-natural, protein rich premium options when purchasing products for their pets, industry observers say. According to market research from Packaged Facts, pet parents spent $3.9 billion on natural pet food in 2012, with that amount growing double digits over the past four years and expected to continue.  Americans love their pets and are spending more than ever on their health and wellness. In support of the launch, “I and love and you” will implement a series of in-store and online marketing initiatives, Kroger shopper marketing programs, event marketing, targeted sampling, and demo programs alongside grassroots marketing initiatives.  The brand also gives back to communities by partnering with local shelters to donate meals to dogs and cats in need, something it has been doing since the brand launched in 2012.  To date, “I and love and you” has donated over 10,000 meals to local animal shelters.


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