The Lovely Candy Company Launches Gluten-Free Licorice

Lovely_LicoriceIn an effort to expand its offerings of premium confections that are gluten- and GMO-free, the Lovely Candy Company has introduced its new gluten-free licorice. Branded as Lovely Licorice, the product opens the door for thousands of health-minded consumers, company officials say. Many consumers, who have food sensitivities such as celiac disease, have not been able to enjoy a basic confectionery product such as licorice due to gluten-free dietary restraints. One of those consumers happens to be company president and CEO Mike Nakamura’s wife. It was from her request for licorice that was consciously crafted with select gluten- and GMO-free ingredients that the company was founded. Life has never been sweeter for The Lovely Candy Company as their growing popularity is eminent with their consumer-minded mission, officials add. Every package of Lovely Candy says, “Enjoying candy is like riding a bike- everyone should be able to do it!” Mike Nakamura, Lovely Candy Company president and CEO, says, “We plan to develop and launch products that have evolved along with consumer needs and preferences. Today’s confectionery consumer is better educated and has increased demands.” The announcement of Lovely Licorice follows a series of new product introductions by Lovely Candy Company. Its growing line of Consciously Crafted candies recently expanded to include new Fudgee Rolls and Seasonal Caramel varieties. New Lovely Candy Fudgee Rolls (MSRP $5.99, 6-ounce bag) are rich, chocolaty chews that are offered in both chocolate and chocolate-raspberry flavors. These bite-size treats offer the best in both chewing sensation and chocolate-loving flavor, officials say. Lovely Candy Company’s new seasonal line captures the essence of fall and the holidays in rich, indulgent, perennial flavors. These premium wrapped caramels are available in three varieties including caramel apple, chewy chocolate-cherry and chewy chocolate-peppermint. The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the new seasonal 8-ounce box is $6.99, and $12.99 for the seasonal 16-ounce size. “We have seen dramatic growth and demand for our line of premium, all-natural candies.” “We have really struck a chord with Lovely Candy’s Consciously Crafted line as retailers realize that many consumers care about what they put in their bodies, whether they are eating a salad or candy,” says Nakamura. “Our candies are made with the best ingredients, so people can enjoy a treat without the artificial flavors, colors, GMOs and high fructose corn syrup you find in many candies.” Lovely Candy is already seeing major distribution gains with Lovely Candy Original Chewy Caramels, Lovely Candy Chocolate Swirl Caramels, Lovely Candy Super Fruit Chews (in Cranberry, Raspberry and Blueberry) and Lovely Candy Fruit Chews (in Apple, Cherry and Blackberry), which have a MSRP of $5.99 for a 6-ounce stand up pouch, officials add. The entire line is certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization and also is certified kosher. The caramels contain rBST-free dairy, and the fruit chews are vegan.


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