SuperSeedz To Reveal Rebranded Retail Packaging at Expo West

SS-Product PhotoSuperSeedz has announced that the company will be revealing their rebranded package design at the Natural Products Expo West in March. SuperSeedz is a line of dry roasted, no-shell pumpkin seeds. SuperSeedz products are gluten-free, nut-free, a vegetarian source of protein and made with all natural Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients. The new packaging is a clean, contemporary, yet fun execution that features vividly illustrated colored pumpkins each designed uniquely for each flavor of SuperSeedz, company officials say. The new design aims to reflect the brand's core values. Included in the packaging is a newly designed logo that signifies SuperSeedz growth and transformation from being a regional brand into a national player. The newly rebranded SuperSeedz will begin hitting retailer shelves at the end of February and will continue until all existing packaging is completely phased out. “The new packaging and logo bring a whole new level of sophistication to SuperSeedz. The new design is memorable and we believe it will really break through the cluttered retail environment. Our goal was to create a design that looks as great as SuperSeedz tastes,” says Kathie Pelliccio, founder of SuperSeedz. SuperSeedz’s new packaging also includes simplified attributes on the front label and expanded product information on the back label, allowing consumers to make a more informed buying decision. Additionally, the new package with its colored pumpkins makes it easier for consumers to quickly differentiate each flavor of SuperSeedz. SuperSeedz branded premium pumpkin seeds are available in 5-ounce bags in eight flavors: Sea Salt, Coco Joe, Really Naked, Somewhat Spicy, Super Spicy, Curious Curry, Cinnamon & Sugar, and Tomato Italiano.


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