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The Next Frontier for Food Retailing: Consumer Search Optimization

In the latest Grocery Business podcast, Marcus Stripf, CEO of the AI-powered Spoon Guru, discusses the next generation of food search.


Balls Food Stores Receives Pinnacle Award for Pharmacy Services

The retailer focuses on medication optimization and adherence.

The Lempert Report: The FDA wants to start naming stores that sold certain contaminated products.

The Lempert Report: Cultural and socioeconomic divides could affect some consumers' meal choices.

The retailer is leveraging its big data power to offer a streamlined, personalized wellness tool for its shoppers.

The Lempert Report: Participants in a survey tended to deflect when the topic came.

The Lempert Report: Flexitarians may have a larger impact on growing demand for plant-based foods.

The Lempert Report: Mintel revealed key characteristics of the up-and-coming generation.

The Lempert Report: Knowing life stage-specific tastes could help manufacturers and retailers better serve their customers.

The Lempert Report: A new study suggests gray matter volume in the brain influences self-control.