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The Lempert Report: A dietitian weighs in on how fast food affects the body.

The nutition rating system allows shoppers to identify healthy items at a glance.

Healthy, protein-enhanced products are increasing as consumers seek nutrition-focused lifestyles.

The Lempert Report: The growing need for greener and more accessible sustenance was heatedly discussed at the GreenBiz 18 conference.

The Lempert Report: A recent lifestyle conference made some claims one doctor says are "not medically productive."

The Lempert Report: A French study found a correlation, but some are skeptical.

The Lempert Report: Caloric restriction helped extend the lifespan of mice.

GMDC white paper outlines best practices for retailers to capture health-conscious customers.

The Lempert Report: The report sheds light on label confusion among consumers and the importance of transparency.

The Lempert Report: The legislation would require chain restaurants to label foods containing more than the daily recommended intake from the FDA.