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Plant-Based Foods See 20% Growth: Report

A study conducted by Nielsen and PBFA values the category at $3.3 billion.


Are Millennials Really as Food-Focused as We Think?

The Lempert Report: The rise of technology may be preventing young people from learning kitchen skills.

The Lempert Report: Marion Nestle's new book on skewed food studies is poised to shake up the food industry.

The Lempert Report: A company creates songs, animations and videos to teach sustainability in schools.

The Lempert Report: Some combinations can have negative effects such as weight gain and blocked calcium absorption.

A GMDC study finds consumers are turning to local retailers for healthy lifestyle advice as trust in healthcare systems decline.

The Lempert Report: A decline in binge drinking rates in states that allow recreational marijuana use could accelerate its move to market.

The Lempert Report: Companies are offering healthier food options to keep employees at the top of their game.

The Lempert Report: Of the more than 173 products promoted by leagues in 2015, more than 75% were unhealthy, so finds a recent study.

The Lempert Report: Restrictions on junk food marketing have expanded to nonbroadcast media in the U.K.