Whole Foods Love: An Engaging Grocery Story

Looking for love? Just add it to your shopping list. A Florida couple recently got engaged at the Coral Gables Whole Foods. Vladimir Romannikov saw Monica Dehombre for the first time about a year ago when she was checking out the Kombucha tea selection. Romannikov followed Dehombre around the store undetected and finally got the nerve to break the ice at register aisle two. His opener? “So you shop all organic, huh?” Starting with common interests was a smooth move that kept the conversation going all the way to the parking lot and opened the door to a first date. In an age when so many people are meeting online it seems old-fashioned for a couple to meet at the grocery store. Romannikov used their unique meeting to his advantage when it came time to pop the question; he contacted Whole Foods customer service who helped him plan the on-site engagement. The store provided rose petals, champagne and use of the PA system to set the stage for the proposal. While I’m always impressed with the service at Whole Foods, this definitely takes the cake. (Speaking of which, think they'll do the wedding cake?) [caption id="attachment_25288" align="alignright" width="319"]3156053_G photo from www.wsvn.com[/caption] There was just one little detail standing in the way - Romannikov still had to figure out how to get his intended to the store in an outfit fit for an engagement. His solution? He told her that they were going to a nice dinner and then he got a sudden craving for their favorite Whole Foods snack - yucca cheese rolls. Now, this is where I would’ve started to catch on or at least get a little impatient.We’re on our way to a nice dinner and you’re going to stop for apps at Whole Foods? Unless he has a medical condition like diabetes or hypoglycemia, I would’ve have a tough time believing that he had a hankering that only cheese buns could satisfy. Dehombre, like a good fiancé, claims to have only realized what was up when the couple was paged over the loudspeaker, but I’m calling shenanigans. Regardless of when she realized that he was proposing, she clearly already knew that Romannikov was the one. I just have one question for the happy couple - will yucca cheese rolls be served at the cocktail hour? [Source]


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