Regional power player H-E-B continues to impress both observers and competitors with a level of proficiency that few others can rival. And its president, Craig Boyan, has been the low-key leader steering the largest privately held employer in Texas to new heights. While there are a number of talented senior leaders on various rungs at H-E-B that are game changers in their own right—foremost being legendary and widely admired Chairman Charles Butt, who plucked Boyan from an external consultancy role to make him an inner-circle executive in 2005—the San Antonio-based retailer’s president has presided over a period of great change and progression since assuming the role in 2010. And while it’s rapidly adopting sophisticated technologies, H-E-B is also committed to investing in its people and store base. In a Dallas Morning News article earlier this year, Boyan said H-E-B will double down “on its people” as its “key differentiator” for the duration.