Environmental sustainability is table stakes for corporations today, and Jessica Adelman is leading the charge for Cincinnati-based The Kroger Co. Its Zero Hunger Zero Waste Foundation has been a lightning rod of cultural change for the retailer and the industry at large. Since its launch in September 2017, the retailer is harnessing its scale to drive change and conversations inside and outside the company. Kroger was named sixth on Fortune magazine’s Change the World 2018 list, joining 50 big companies around the world that are also using their resources to solve society’s most complex issues.

Kroger’s vision of nourishing communities, protecting the planet and creating a future of zero hunger and zero waste under Adelman’s stewardship has made impressive strides in the past two years, including with its plan to end hunger in all of the communities it serves by 2025 and phase out single-use plastic checkout bags. Most recently, the Zero Hunger Zero Waste Foundation’s Innovation Fund named its first contingent of innovators who will collectively share $1 million in funding to accelerate programs and solutions to help end food waste.